Whether you need to measure an individual recovering from an injury or a number of platoons out on a training mission, Zephyr™ Performance Systems can be customized to let you do it.

You can judge performance by day, week or an entire season. Study players by position. Watch stress levels in real time during real emergencies. So you can make instant decisions and instant corrections.

You can see what you could never see before, like the invisible muscular imbalances that so often lead to injury. You’ll get the data you need to help your people perform at their peak.

See how you can customize a solution to fit your exact needs.

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Performance proven wherever people are tested

Zephyr™ Performance Systems have been validated by over 500 studies conducted in clinical settings, laboratories and on actual playing fields. These reports have been independently verified and published by Applied Ergonomics, Occupational Medicine and the International Journal of Sports Medicine, to name a few.