Comprehensive performance information at a glance, now and later.

Live or logged. OmniSense™ software puts stats at your fingertips. It captures and turns raw data into usable intelligence in graphs and reports that you can digest quickly. So you can make smart decisions in response to changing health factors and conditions.

OmniSense™ Software Includes

OmniSense™ Live Software

Track up to 100 individuals in near real-time with customizable capabilities, such as:

  • Customizable gauges, which display the data you most care about
  • A safety alert, which signals that a safety threshold has been crossed
  • A training view, which tracks an individual’s training zone relative to the assigned workout routine
OmniSense™live software tracking
OmniSense™analysis software screenshot

OmniSense™ Analysis Software

OmniSense™ Analysis software takes data from the OmniSense™ Live sessions or logged data from the BioModule™ memory. You can set a baseline, then analyze sessions and individuals’ fitness over time.

With Analysis, you can:

  • Filter people, teams and dates
  • Select which sessions you want to analyze
  • Crop sub-sessions to obtain particular statistics
  • Choose time waveforms, histograms, spreadsheet reports or polar plots to export or print
  • Create reports to help you optimize fitness and training

OmniSense™ Software Product Features

Automatic Fitness Test

Get a snapshot of 1 to 100 people simultaneously. Live or logged in the database.

hr variability analysis

Heart Rate Variability Analysis

Use the free Zephyr™ tool or a compatible open-source tool to calculate six stats, live or logged.

Readiness Metric

Calculate a readiness score of 0 to 10 so you can identify times of peak performance based on each individual’s mechanical load in training or in action.

readiness metric
accelerometry 3 way

Impact Processor Reports

Obtain instant feedback on each individual’s performance, along with associated graphs and reports that enable you to develop individual and team training strategies.

OmniSense™ Deployment Tool

OmniSense™ software is easy to deploy and use. It has to be. In the field, you can’t always count on having technical support. That’s why organizations like NASA and the U.S. Army Special Forces choose OmniSense™ software.

OmniSense™deployment tool screenshot

FAQs and Documentation

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