Smart workouts, better results.

And “smart” starts with performance monitoring — continuously and hands-free — using a smartphone or smartwatch and your favorite app. With Bluetooth live data transmission, it’s easy to keep an eye on your physiological stats.

Whatever your fitness goals or level of activity, the lightweight BioModule and smart-fabric strap fit comfortably around your chest, delivering accurate feedback workout after workout.

See why HxM earns a No. 3 ranking for health and fitness accessories for smartphones.

Works with Android, Windows, and iOS

HxM BT and HxM SMART devices

Track your stats using wearable technology that’s used by first responders, the military, and professional athletes. If it works for them, you know it will work for you.

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Developers’ Toolkit

Build and test apps for HxM monitors. Check out the APIs, SDKs, and other tools.

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HxM User Reference Materials

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