Development Tools

The Zephyr SDK provides you the API libraries and developer tools necessary to build, test, and debug apps for many Zephyr products.

Please understand that software made available through the Zephyr SDK page may either be a pre-release version in which cases there may be limited if any documentation or support available.


Description Size
HxM™ BT Developer Kit 185 Mb Contact Us
This bundled package is intended as a toolkit for implementing an API to enable communications with a Zephyr Bluetooth Heart Rate / Speed & Distance Monitor (HxM BT) and provides both PC and Android resources for connecting to the device to receive live data.
Description Size
HxM™ Smart Developer Kit 5.27 Mb Contact Us
HxM Smart uses standard Bluetooth Low Energy Heart Rate monitoring profiles. Compatible hardware required (iPhone 4S (Bluetooth 4.0) or later or compatible Android devices). For custom packet support which includes RR, activity, peak acceleration, over the air firmware update capability, and more, the SDK has supporting documentation to unlock the full potential of the HxM Smart.
Description Size
BioHarness API and Example Android Project 920 kb Contact Us
The intended audience of this document is an Android programmer who needs a quick introduction to communicate with the Zephyr BioHarness 3. Along with the API, the source files for an example Android project are provided to help jump start your programming for communication with the Zephyr BioHarness. Updated 9/30/13
Description Size
BioHarness Bluetooth Developer Kit (full) 202 Mb Contact Us
- Includes the BioHarness Bluetooth Comms Link Specification
- BioHarness Bluetooth API Guide
- BioHarness Bluetooth Logging System Interface (including sample log downloader utility source code in C#)
- BioHarness Firmware Upgrade Utility
- Zephyr USB Driver
- Zephyr Bluetooth Test Application
- Example Android Source Code
- Hardware is available through our Online Store or by Contacting Sales.

BioHarness Log Downloader (v1.0.29.0)

Downloads logged data from any BioHarness into both csv and DaDisp formats.  Click here to download (342 KB).

BioHarness MATLAB Script Files

The purpose of this file is to provide the MATLAB user with easier access to certain key information from the BioHarness. After downloading the data from the device onto a workstation using the BioHarness Log Downloader or Zephyr Downloader (OmniSense required), the data from the BioHarness is stored in .csv and/or .dat/.hed format. This data can then be used as an input to this script to gain access to the data stored in those files.

  • Click here to download a script that will load the ECG file and General Data Packet file. (requires .csv format)
  • Click here to download a script that will load the ECG, Summary Data Packet, and RR file. (requires .csv format and Summary (load summary only) or Summary and Waveform logging (full))
  • Click here to download a script that will load the RR Packet file. (requires Summary and Waveform log .csv format)
  • Click here to download a script that will load and display with GUI interactive plots with ECG and Summary or General Data Packet files (requires downloading both .csv and .dat/.hed (DaDisp) format for ECG viewing)
  • Click here to download sample data (7 min sitting down stationary) that will work with any of the above scripts downloaded from a BioHarness 3 logging Summary and Waveform log format.

Firmware & Software Updates

Firmware & software updates are available on our Downloads Page.

Zephyr to Kubios RR File Format Converter

This tool converts R-to-R data from the timestamped csv formats produced by Zephyr Technology devices into a format that can be used by Kubios HRV, HRVAS, and other HRV analysis tools. Please use other Zephyr tools, such as OmniSense or the BioHarness Log Downloader, to obtain the data, and then use this tool to convert it to the standard HRV analysis software friendly format.  Click here to download.

Data Plotter

A generic tool that allows you to plot any data from csv files, zoom in and out, plot multiple traces in same view.  Works great for viewing high resolution waveform data (ECG, Accelerometry, Breathing waveform, etc).  A very flexible tool for data viewing purposes only.  Click here to download.

Impact Processor Software

This software is designed to detect impacts within your data downloaded using any of Zephyr’s Downloading Tools (BioHarness Log Downloader available above).  The software allows you to set the thresholds to define what you want to be counted as an “impact” then generates a report on the number of impacts detected for each session of data processed.  Click here to download.

Heart Rate Variability Tool

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Tool measures the time interval between heart beats or cardio-intervals. It is usually measured by the variation in the beat-to-beat interval, rather than the variation in the instantaneous heart rate.  Click here to download or check out the screen shot

Zephyr Config Tool (v1.0.16.0)

Allows you to reconfigure your BioHarness as well as many other Zephyr devices for various applications, including but not limited to supporting enhanced ROG threshold customization, high resolution data capture (General data (1 Hz), Breathing waveform and R-R data (18 Hz), ECG waveform data sampled at 250 Hz, and Accelerometer (125 Hz).  Click here to download.  Supporting documentation not yet available.

Zephyr Excel spreadsheet time format

Many people have asked “how do you get day/month/year hour.minute.second.milisecond” formatting from a Zephyr csv file in Microsoft Excel.  Here it is. Go to format cell-numbers to view this and learn how to do it again. Download this sample spreadsheet with instructions.

Radar plot Normalized data Spreadsheet

Allows comparisons of fitness tests to other players or populations. Save it to My Documents/OmniSense/Physiological Normative/.. then open OmniSense Analysis and select “Radar”.Compare Vo2max,Vo2 as a % of Anaerobic Threshold (AT), heart rate max (peak), rest and laying, Heart rate recovery, critical power, Heart Rate at AT, Breathing Rate at AT, RtoR std Dev, This is a very intuitive and simple way to compare people quickly to normative populations or teams. Also as an exciting way to compare to friends or competitors. Zephyr’s OmniSense allows users to edit the normative data simply using Microsoft Excel.  download this sample spreadsheet