When technology is backed by more than a decade of intensive R&D, you can use it with confidence.

But there’s more to Zephyr™ than experts who keep making breakthroughs with bioinformatics. The products are customizable and easy to use — so you can focus on improving the performance of your people.

Now that Zephyr™ is part of Medtronic, the future looks even better. There’s strength in numbers, and in a shared purpose.

A history of reinventing what’s humanly possible

Medtronic is a leading medical device company that also uses bioinformatics to reinvent what’s humanly possible.

These are a few innovations from Medtronic, with many more to come.

  • The first battery-operated wearable pacemaker. The first commercially produced implantable pacemaker.
  • The first implantable cardioverter defibrillator. The first pacemaker that automatically adjusted to one’s level of activity.
  • The first deep-brain stimulation system to treat movement disorders. The first glucose monitor that responds when levels become too low. The first transcatheter heart valve replacement.

Our Journey

zephyr technology corp

2003 - Zephyr Technology Corporation was founded in New Zealand. An early product was a diabetic peripheral neuropathy patient monitor and wireless electrocardiogram sensor.

zephyr logo

2009 - The company relocated its corporate headquarters to the U.S.

covidien logo

2014 - Zephyr Technology Corporation was purchased by Covidien.

medtronic logo

2015 - Medtronic acquired Covidien.