On the field or at home. In season or in the off season. The OmniSense™ 5.1 cloud-based software enables end-to-end physiological and biomechanical load monitoring and analysis — before, during, and after activities. Safely scale athlete loads to help enhance performance and prevent injury with ACWR planning tools. Capture raw data then turn it into insightful, easy-to-understand graphs and reports in real-time. You’re empowered with the right information, right away, anywhere. So you can make the right performance management decisions now.

OmniSense™ 5.1 cloud-based software screenshot
OmniSense™ 5.1 software screenshot


OmniSense™ 5.1 software provides you with the right information, at the right time, from anywhere.

So you can:

  • Plan, monitor, and analyze performance in real-time — anytime, anywhere
  • Design and assign customized periodized training plans crafted to suit your performance goals
  • Set safety thresholds for heart rate, core body temperature, and load parameters
  • Reduce pre-season stress-related injuries through remote athlete management via the OmniSense™ mobile app
  • Create an accurate, comprehensive picture of fitness and fatigue
  • Program safe, effective workouts using ACWR training principles
  • Benchmark, track, and adjust performance goals based on ACWR guidelines using the periodization plan report
  • Login and view data from anywhere

Technical Support

For customers using older versions of OmniSense™ software, please contact customer service at (443) 569-3603.