OmniSense 4.0 software now offers new advanced capabilities including:

  • Readiness Metric and protocol which calculates a Readiness Score of 0-10 so you can identify times of peak performance looking at each individual athlete's mechanical load whether in training or in action.
  • Google Maps for graphical representation on path lines, heat maps, distance markers and shuttle function of position for comparison of multiple players/members simultaneously.
  • Embedded Accelerometry provides instant feedback on atheletes' performance and associated graphs and reports enable you to develop individual and team training strategies.
  • ECHO Live Modes: two new Live ECHO modes which provide 1-second updates for twenty (20) subjects or 5‐second updates for one hundred (100) subjects.

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Other OmniSense Function Updates include:
Altitude zones for GPS visualization
Improved HRV algorithm
Readiness App for iOS and Androids
Workout files with supporting audio text to speech
Analysis data filters
Control of Markers in Analysis
Change time of sessions

If you are operating Microsoft Windows in a language other than English, please follow the steps below to Install OmniSense 4.0 software:

  • Change language/format of Windows to English
  • Install OmniSense 4.0 software
  • Change language back to desired language
We are working to resolve this inconvenience soon.

Updated Firmware for up to 8X faster download speeds

On Board Accelerometry analysis

Accelerometry data which was previously only available in a post-session report is now calculated in the BioModule and is available for display on the BioModule and included in log data.

Two new ECHO modes are now available Using ECHO-20 with a 1 second data rate, live data calculations on intensity & load calculations will now match those obtained from log data.

OmniSense 3.9.7 software

Zephyr supplies OmniSense  software for connection to up to 50 BioHarnesses. The software is supplied in two parts: OmniSense LIVE and OmniSense ANALYSIS.

Zephyr supplies OmniSense software for Windows based computers. The Software was initially designed in partnership with NASA and US Special Operations to give immediate feedback on the health and condition of a human being under stressful situations and has been adapted for including support for training optimization based on feedback from researchers and several professional sports trainers.  Features include:  tracking of up to 50 personnel for Safety and Training monitoring, with a summary screen of all personnel’s physiological status, trending for quick assessment of triggered alert states, positional tracking capable with FalconView integration and logging GPS solution, touchscreen compatible, group fitness assessment protocols built in for rapid optimization of Saftey Thresholds as well as Training Zones, and much more.  Multiple radio networks supported so the data can be passed through your unit’s mission critical radio system without interference or use our proprietary ECHO radio network for the non-tactical training or conditioning applications with up to 1 sq km coverage (line of sight).

OmniSense LIVE

OmniSense LIVE is designed to show as many as 50 people LIVE (auto-scaling and summary views) and manage personnel, their Safety Thresholds, and the sensors and radios associated with them. Each person is displayed via a configurable “BioGauge” which displays the data that you care about most.  Also, the Safety Alert state is always tracked via the Safety tab which notifies the user if an individual has crossed an assigned Safety Threshold.  Additionally, work tracking individuals in a workout, the Training view tracks the individual’s Training Zone relative to the designated Workout routine.

OmniSense Deployment Tool

A truly fieldable system must be quick to install and set up. The OmniSense Deployment Tool is based on years of experience with customers such as NASA and US Army Special Forces. When Zephyr first deployed years ago as part of its military contracts it quickly learned that a system has to deploy simply and give field operators the information they need to fault find without the availability of technical support. Hence the deployment tool was developed and refined with simple to understand work flow.


OmniSense ANALYSIS takes either data from LIVE sessions or the logged data from the BioHarness memory and supplies tools to rapidly analyze sessions and people’s fitness over time. ANALYSIS is a key part of base-lining individuals to optimize the effectiveness of streaming Safety Alerts.

Any database is only as good as the reporting tools around it.

The OmniSense ANALYSIS package allows users to

  • filter people, teams, people and dates.
  • select which sessions to analyse
  • crop sub-sessions for better statistics
  • choose time waveforms, histograms, spreadsheet reports or polar plots (all exportable or printable).
  • generate various summary reports for fitness and training optimization

Automatic Fitness Test

OmniSense can be used to perform a maximal fitness test on 1 to 50 people simultaneously. The system records physiologic parameters via either radio transmission or in the BioHarness logged memory. The system automatically detects the fitness test parameters and calculates VO2Max, Heart Rate max, Heart Rate Recovery, Heart Rate and Breathing Rate at Anaerobic Threshold, and VO2 at Anaerobic Threshold.


OmniSense ANALYSIS has an extensive toolbox of reporting features including spreadsheets and polar plots. Everything a researcher, coach or trainer needs to understand how their people are performing over time.

OmniSense Analysis Polar plot function where the user can add any min, max and normal figure for a comparison population and compare an person to it. Compare Vo2max,Vo2 at Anaerobic Threshold as a % of Vo2max, Heart Rate Max, Heart Rate Recovery, Heart at AT, Breathing Rate at AT, and at rest Heart Rate Variability, resting HR, and resting BR.  This is a very intuitive and simple way to compare people quickly to normative populations or generate your own normative data sets for teams when doing group fitness assessments.   Zephyr’s OmniSense allows users to edit the provided normative file as templates and rapidly provides all of the necessary parameters from the Team Fitness Report.  Go to Zephyr Labs to down load a sample file.

Heart Rate Variability Analysis

For complex Heart Rate Variability analysis, Zephyr has integrated compatibility with popular open source HRV Analysis tools, such as Kubios HRV, and developed our own HRV analysis toolset available for free download in the Zephyr Labs section.

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