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OmniSense 5.0 Software

The OmniSense™ 5.0 (OS5) software system consists of the following components:

  • Sensors and communication systems that acquire, display, store, and transmits near real time physiological and other contextualizing data
  • A PC-based software application that acquires, displays, and stores physiological data
  • iOS™* and Android™* mobile applications that acquire, display, and send data
  • Server based software that provides user interface for viewing and analyzing data

OmniSense™ 4.0/4.2 Software

Ready to upgrade to OmniSense™ 4.0 software and/or the OmniSense™ software maintenance release 4.2?

The software includes:

  • Readiness metric and protocol that calculate a readiness score (0 to 10)
  • Google Maps for graphical representation on path lines, heat maps, distance markers and shuttle function of position for comparison of multiple players/individuals simultaneously
  • Embedded accelerometry algorithms with associated graphs and reports
  • ECHO Live modes for up to 100 individuals on five-second update rates

Other function updates include:

  • Altitude zones for GPS visualization
  • Improved heart rate variability (HRV) algorithm
  • Readiness app for iOS and Android devices
  • Workout files with supporting audio text to speech
  • Analysis data filter
  • Control of markers in OmniSense™ Analysis
  • Change time of session

OmniSense™ Software 3.9.7

Try it before you buy it. Road test the software with a free 30 day trial.

The software includes:

  • Training limits
  • Support for live GPS data feed over ECHO*
  • Integrated GPS assignment and auto-pairing via ECHO™ watch**
  • Data management enhancements in OmniSense™ Analysis

*The BioModule™ firmware update is required for this release.

**GPS units must be added to the database via “add hardware wizard.”

OmniSense™ Software 3.9.7 Downloads: